RIL says Jamnagar’s refinery business will continue operating despite FCCU shutdown

RIL says FCCU wont affect Jamnagar's refinery operations

Reliance Industries (RIL) mentioned today( August 18th) that a short shutdown of one of its Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCUs) at its Jamnagar complex wouldn’t affect its production. There are two independent crude oil refineries at Jamnagar Refining Complex, each of them has several secondary processing units and FCCU is one of those secondary processing units, the company stated in a regulatory filing.

RIL then further stated that out of the two FCCUs, one is under a short shutdown.

“The company does not expect any material impact on its overall refining and marketing business due to this short duration event,” it said.

It also mentioned that “They (RIL) do not expect any kind of materialistic impact on the company’s overall marketing and refining business due to such a short duration event.”

In regards to the shutdown of the FCCU, RIL replied to a clarification sought by NSE

RIL then further added, “the company would make a further disclosure, if at all needed in this matter.”

Notably back on August 15, RIL told all exchanges that “one of the FCCUs at Jamnagar complex has to be shut down momentarily in a bid to assure integrity and reliability of operations.