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Wipro signs a multi-year business process service deal with Falck

Wipro signs deal with Falck

On Wednesday, August 29th, IT services major Wipro announced that it has signed a multi-year business process services engagement with Denmark-based Falck.

No financial details of the deal have been disclosed so far.

In a statement, Wipro said, “As agreed in the contract, we will help transform Falck’s finance operations through its enterprise operations transformation model.”

Wipro further added, “This engagement will provide huge benefits for Falck as it would help the company to increase operational efficiency and achieve data and process consistency across all its entities spread across the entire globe.”

Falck has its headquarters in Denmark, it is a company that supplies employees health care, ambulance services, and roadside assistance to various countries, Currently, it is active in 35 countries and has more than 37,000 employees.

Commenting on the deal, Falck Vice President, Global Business Services, Allan Kjer said, “The main reason why we chose to engage with Wipro is because we believe they are the ideal partner for us in our journey towards transformation. Wipro and we share a relatively similar aim to standardize and centralize our systems and finance processes across our global operations.”

According to Carl-Henrik Hallström, Head of the Nordic Region at Wipro, he said that Wipro has immense confidence in its capabilities and is certain that it will deliver substantial benefits to Falck, and eventually to the final customers who rely on Falck’s services.

It has been well over a decade since Wipro first started its operations in the Nordic region working with customers across the manufacturing, healthcare, natural resources, energy, financial services, utilities, retail industry verticals and, telecom industry.