AltExch | Features of Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

AltExch is a crypto-based exchange that helps both the newcomers and the experienced ones in trading of different currencies. The cryptocurrency market is worth more than a trillion dollars and has helped change fortunes of people overnight turning them into billionaires.

There are few terms such as Blockchain under which currencies are developed, Tangle, Crypto Wallet, and others that are not known by the newcomers. Before we deep dive into how AltExch, we will introduce you to a few terms such as Blockchain, Tangle, and crypto wallet.

AltExch uses Blockchain Technology

A group of exchange records called blocks, which are connected and encrypted. The blockchain is consistently developing and is open to anybody.
What is Cryptocurrency

Each block in the blockchain contains:

1.The details of the sender, recipient, and volume of coins.
2.A hash, which fills in as a remarkable, unique mark.
3.A hash of the past block in the chain.

At the point when another block is created, it is sent to every one of the clients in the system. Every client at that point checks the block, and it is added to the blockchain.

What is Tangle?

The most concerning issue of the Blockchain is its dependence on mineworkers. This is actually why the digital currency called IOTA (the Internet of Things Application) was created in 2016.

AltExch and Crypto Currency Wallet

It is a digital platform where you can withdraw and store your currencies for short term and long term trading.

There are certain security measures that every wallet has to go through before making itself available for the public. This helps in securing all the transactions happening on the platform.

Now that you’ve understood a few terms, we will take you through the features of AltExch.

AltExch is a cryptocurrency exchange that has a portfolio of over 500 coins which can be traded by users from all over the globe. One interesting fact about this platform is that it has its coin that they have on sale at $0.01/coin for the next 32 days on their official website.

As per the latest company information, they have issued around 1 billion coins and are expected to be sold out by another 20 days. They also have a unique referral program going on where they would give away 35% of the referral’s trading to the person who referred him/her.

Trade Cryptocurrencies with AltExch

It offers a wide variety of of-of coins that are top-ranked regarding volume all over the globe. It also provides a 24*7 live chat and email support that would help its traders to understand the prospects better.

One major thing that stands out is that it has a guide on its website for newcomers and has different charts/cap based information for experienced ones to help them decide on how and on which to trade.

Benefits of Trading With AltExch :

Here are the top 7 benefits of trading with AltExch :


  •    Begin exchanging with as meager as $100. This feature helps newbie’s to start with trading as they have very little knowledge and hence, won’t like to lose much while learning.

  •    An advantage from an extensive variety of the present best exchanged digital forms of money.

  •    Aggressive swap rates. The speculative trading rate goes high, and few traders do arbitrage using this feature!

  •    You can go short (SELL) crypto and possibly benefit when its value drops. This is the main feature that attracts the majority of the traders on this platform.

  •    No danger of wallet hacking or burglary, it ensures that a trader can trade in large volumes and still have it safely.

  •    Up to 20:1 leverage

  •    Nonstop administration and support in 14 dialects. This helps in secured trading and also an apt procedure for the same. 

AltExch Analysis in brief

The company has attracted a major chunk of traders through their special referral program and also the offer sale on their coin. Generally, the price of the coin at the ICO stage compared to the price at the trading stage is boosted by 5-10x, and that’s also the reason why it has attracted a lot of traders!

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